Get ready to jingle all the way with RBCA’s Christmas Golf Cart Parade! Christmas has forever been a season of joy, festivity, and boundless creativity. Classic holiday traditions like caroling, dazzling light displays, and Santa’s arrival have long been cherished. However, in recent times, a fresh tradition has taken root in communities far and wide: the Christmas Golf Cart Parade! 🎅🚗🎄 #ChristmasGolfCartParade #FestiveFun #CommunityTradition


Dec 23, 2023



6:00 PM

Event Details:

🎄 Get ready for a festive evening as the streets light up with holiday-inspired golf carts! Whether you’re taking part or simply enjoying the spectacle, it’s going to be a delightful treat. 🎅🚗✨

🏌️‍♂️ Starting Point: Riviera Bay Community Playground

🌌 Route: TBD

Participation Details:

  • Meet at the Riviera Bay Community Playground: If you wish to showcase your creatively decorated golf cart.
  • Theme: While Christmas / Holiday is our central theme, you’re free to interpret it in any creative way you’d like. Whether it’s classic or favorite movies or characters, we’re excited to see your creations.
  • Safety Guidelines: Ensure that your decorations do not obstruct the driver’s view or the cart’s maneuverability. All participants must have functional headlights given the evening timing.

For Spectators:

  • Viewing Areas: Create your own viewing areas will be set up along the parade route, especially around the park.
  • Parking: If you’re driving to the event, designated parking areas will be available near the Community Center and park. Please follow volunteer guidance.

Special Notes:

  • Please keep the environment in mind. Dispose of trash responsibly and consider using sustainable materials for decorations.
  • The event is family-friendly. Let’s ensure it’s fun and safe for everyone!

For more details or queries, contact the event organizers at

🎅 Embrace the holiday spirit with a night of festive golf carts and Christmas cheer! See you there!

🎄 What is a Holiday Golf Cart Parade?

Imagine the vibrant and imaginative floats of a traditional parade, but on a smaller, more intimate scale. Golf carts, those familiar vehicles that gracefully glide across golf courses, are transformed with holiday themes and paraded through the enchanting streets of Riviera Bay. Participants go all out, not only adorning their carts but themselves as well, in a dazzling array of Christmas themes. From cozy to dazzling, from traditional to whimsical, these parades showcase a wide spectrum of creativity.

These parades have not only drawn enthusiastic participants but also captivated a multitude of spectators, spanning generations, all eager to witness the imaginative metamorphosis of the humble golf cart. From carts transformed into winter wonderlands to those adorned as Santa’s sleighs, the level of detail and ingenuity has turned it into a must-see holiday spectacle.

🎁 Why Participate?

Community Togetherness: These parades foster a strong sense of community spirit, often leading neighbors to collaborate on designing and bringing their thematic carts to life.
Inclusivity: The Christmas Golf Cart Parade is an event for all ages, uniting children, adults, and seniors alike in a heartwarming family celebration.
Safety First: Particularly in times when traditional Halloween activities might be deemed risky, these parades offer a safer way to embrace the holiday season in style.
Eco-Conscious: Given that golf carts are electric, this parade represents a greener approach to celebrating Christmas, especially compared to car-based parades.

🌟 How to Participate

If you’re considering joining the parade or launching one in your neighborhood, here’s a simple guide to get you started:


1. Rally Support: Engage your neighbors, friends, and community leaders in the idea. The more, the merrier!

2. Choose a Date and Route: We’ll announce the parade route so everyone can partake in the festive fun.

3. Spread the Word: Utilize community boards, social media, and local publications to share the exciting news.

4. Deck the Halls: Plan your theme, gather your decorations, and start transforming your golf cart into a holiday masterpiece. Remember to ensure safety by preserving the driver’s visibility and maneuverability.

5. Dress the Part: Don’t forget to dress up to complement your cart’s theme!

6. Celebrate & Be Responsible: Enjoy the parade and remember to adhere to traffic regulations and respect the environment. Let’s make this a memorable and eco-friendly holiday celebration! 🌲🚗🌟 #HolidayGolfCartParade #ChristmasCheer #CommunitySpirit

2022 Winners

Beep, Beep…. make way for our 3rd Annual Holiday Golf Cart Parade on December 3, 2022!

Mark your calendars and deck out your electronic mobiles for some holiday fun through the neighborhoods.

Line-up will begin at 6:30 pm at each park and parades begin through the streets at 6:45pm. A Food Truck will be available throughout the evening for those that want to hang out and view the parade from a central location or you hang out in your front driveway and wave as the parade passes by. 

Participants can toss candies or goodies if they choose and the top two most creative and festive electric vehicles will win a $50 gift card courtesy of Printworks LLC. We can’t wait to see everyone’s holiday cheer!

Route will meet at the Food Truck site behind Liberty Baptist Church.

9401 2th St N, St Petersburg, FL

2021 Winners

Karen Joseph

Trevor Morris

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