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Severe Weather Alert


Preparing for Severe Weather in St. Petersburg: A Community Alert

Council Member Brandi Gabbard posts about a severe weather alert, it’s essential for residents, especially those in the Riviera Bay Neighborhood, to be aware and prepared. Council Member Brandi Gabbard has issued a timely notification highlighting important measures the city is taking to mitigate the effects of the upcoming storm.


NOAA Tide Forecast

NOAA Weather Alerts: A Cause for Concern

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the area encompassing St. Petersburg, Florida, is under a severe weather outlook from January 6, 2024, indicating a 15% probability of significant weather events​​. The forecast suggests rapid, strong surface cyclogenesis moving from the Ozark Plateau/Mid South northeastward through the lower Ohio Valley on Tuesday. This system will bring intense wind fields over the eastern Gulf and southern Atlantic Coast regions, raising concerns for damaging wind gusts and possible tornadoes in the St. Petersburg area​​.

Pinellas County Braces for Potential Severe Weather and Coastal Flooding on January 9th

Urgent Precautions for Coastal Flooding

Residents and businesses along the coast are being urged to take immediate steps to prepare for potential localized flooding. Those who have experienced flooding previously should safeguard their homes by elevating valuable items and relocating vehicles to higher ground. The forecasted conditions mirror the storm on December 16 last year, which resulted in significant coastal flooding.

In the event of flooding, it’s crucial to seek elevation on a bed or countertop. Venturing outside is strongly discouraged due to the increased depth of water, potential debris, and the risk of electrified water from fallen power lines. Additionally, driving in flooded areas should be avoided, as vehicle wakes can exacerbate property damage more than the floodwater itself.

It’s also vital to stay clear of floodwaters, as they may harbor health risks and hidden dangers, including harmful bacteria, dangerous wildlife, and submerged obstacles.

Severe Weather Alert

An elevated risk of severe thunderstorms looms for the area, particularly in the afternoon. These storms may bring isolated tornadoes or waterspouts, damaging wind gusts, and the possibility of large hail. Pinellas County is also forecasted to experience gusty winds reaching up to 50 MPH, independent of any thunderstorms.

Boating and beach conditions will remain hazardous for the next few days. The forecast warns of dangerous rip currents and high surf, urging extra caution for those near the water.

Proactive Measures by St. Petersburg: Sandbag Availability

In response to these forecasts, the city has taken proactive measures by setting up sandbag distribution sites. St. Pete residents can pick up a maximum of 10 sandbags per household, with assistance available for seniors and those unable to fill and load their own sandbags. Proof of residence, such as a driver’s license, is required to receive sandbags.

The following sandbag locations are available:

  1. Year-Round (Non-Emergency): Pavement and Traffic Operations Building, 1744 9th Ave. N.
  2. Storm Condition Locations (Self-Service, Monday to Friday, 7 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.):
    • Lake Vista Tennis Court Parking Lot
    • Lakewood Sports Complex Parking Lot
    • Grandview Park Parking Lot
    • Childs Park Pool Parking Lot
    • Campbell Park Shelter Area Parking Lot
    • Azalea Athletic Fields Parking Lot
    • Walter Fuller Soccer Field Parking Lot
    • Garden Club of St. Petersburg
  3. Storm Condition Locations (Full-Service, Monday to Friday, 7 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.):
    • Northeast Park
    • Lake Maggiore Shelter Area
    • Northwest Swimming Pool Parking Lot​​.

In addition, roaming trucks will deliver sandbags door-to-door in Shore Acres and Riviera Bay, focusing on streets impacted by the December 16th storm. This outreach is crucial for residents who might not be able to visit the sandbag sites in person.

Community Involvement and Information Access

The city is also installing signs in Coquina Key and Magnolia Heights to direct residents to these sandbag sites. It’s important to stay informed through local news, the City’s Twitter (@stpetefl), and Facebook (Facebook.com/stpetefl) accounts for real-time updates on sandbag distribution and other emergency measures.

The coordination between local authorities and community members is vital in preparing for and responding to severe weather. By staying informed, accessing available resources like sandbags, and supporting each other, the residents of St. Petersburg can effectively navigate the challenges posed by the upcoming storm. Remember, preparation is key to safety and resilience in the face of severe weather. Stay safe, St. Petersburg!

Facebook Post From Brandi Gabbard

Attention Riviera Bay Neighborhood and Rivera Riviera Bay Civic Association – more rain and tides could affect our area on Tuesday. Here is the latest from the City of St. Petersburg, Florida

Sandbag sites open today 1230 to 6 pm. Tomorrow 7 am to 6 pm.

We are opening full-service sandbag sites at our 9th Ave facility, Mangrove Bay, and Lake Maggiore.

We are opening a small site with 500 bags at Grandview Park.

We will have roaming trucks in Shore Acres and Riviera Bay delivering sandbags door-to-door on streets impacted by the December 16th storm.

We are installing signs in Coquina Key and Magnolia Heights to direct people to sandbag sites.

Crews have also been out all weekend clearing storm drains and doing regular routine preparations.

Stay tuned for more information.

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