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Seawall Replacement in Riviera Bay


St. Petersburg Prioritizes Seawall Replacement in Riviera Bay. St. Petersburg is taking proactive steps to bolster its coastal resilience by embarking on a $1.6 million seawall replacement project, with a particular focus on the long-awaited improvements in the Riviera Bay area. The initiative, unanimously approved by the city council on May 16, aims to address aging and structurally deficient seawalls in three flood-prone locations across the peninsula. [1]

Councilmember Brandi Gabbard, who represents Riviera Bay, expressed her enthusiasm for the project, stating, “We’re talking a lot about doing this Resiliency Action Plan. I don’t want it to be lost on the residents that action is happening now.” [1] Gabbard highlighted that Riviera Bay residents have been requesting the seawall replacement “for a very long time,” underscoring the urgency of the matter. [1]

The seawall replacement project is part of St. Petersburg’s broader efforts to enhance its resilience against the impacts of climate change and rising sea levels. The city’s Stormwater Master Plan and Resiliency Action Plan serve as guiding frameworks for implementing sustainable infrastructure improvements and adapting to environmental challenges. [1]

The St. Petersburg City Council recently approved a significant infrastructure project aimed at addressing the city’s aging and deteriorating seawalls. During the council meeting on May 16, 2024, members unanimously accepted a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) proposal from PCL Construction, Inc. for the Citywide Seawall Inspection, Renovation, and Replacement project. The approved GMP for the project is $1,604,645, which includes a $249,697 contingency for unforeseen conditions[1][4].

Project Overview

The initiative, which has been in the planning stages since fiscal year 2021, targets three critical locations within the city where seawalls are in dire need of repair. These locations include:

  • 31st Avenue NE, east of Maple St, over Smacks Bayou Canal
  • 79th St S, south of Causeway Blvd, over Boca Ciega Bay
  • Riviera Bay near 101 87th Avenue North

These areas have been identified as high-priority due to their susceptibility to storm surges and the structural deficiencies of the existing seawalls[1][4].

Scope and Funding

The project will be executed under a Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR) agreement, a type of contract that sets a maximum price for the project, ensuring that any cost overruns are the responsibility of the contractor, in this case, PCL Construction, Inc.[2][3]. This type of contract is beneficial for the city as it provides financial predictability and limits the risk of budget overruns.

Funding for the project has been allocated from various fiscal year budgets, specifically from the Citywide Infrastructure Capital Improvement Fund. The funds have been appropriated across multiple fiscal years, from FY19 to FY23, ensuring a comprehensive financial plan to support the extensive repairs needed[1].

Construction Details

The construction activities will include the installation of new seawalls within close proximity to the existing ones, with specific engineering solutions tailored to each location. For instance, at the 31st Avenue location, the new seawall will be installed within two feet of the existing structure, and the space between will be filled with flowable fill. At the 79th Street location, the project will involve the use of Ever Comp sheet piles of varying lengths, anchored with hot-dip galvanized anchors to ensure stability[1].

Community Impact and Future Plans

The project is expected to commence with the delivery of construction materials by August 2024, starting with the Boca Ciega Bay location, followed by Snell Isle, and concluding at Riviera Bay. Each site is projected to take approximately 45 days to complete, with efforts made to minimize traffic disruptions during construction[4].

Councilmember Brandi Gabbard praised the project, highlighting its alignment with the city’s Resiliency Action Plan and the proactive steps being taken to address vulnerable infrastructure. The project is seen as a critical component of the city’s broader strategy to enhance its resilience against storm surges and other environmental challenges[4].

The approval of this seawall renovation project marks a significant step forward in St. Petersburg’s efforts to maintain and improve its waterfront infrastructure. By leveraging a GMP contract, the city ensures that the project remains within budget while addressing the urgent need for seawall repairs in key areas. This initiative not only protects the city’s properties from water damage but also demonstrates a commitment to long-term urban resilience and sustainability.

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