Riviera Bay Luminaries

It’s that wonderful time of the year again! Riviera Bay Luminaries!!! Our cherished tradition of lighting up our streets with luminaries is upon us. As always, our dedicated volunteers will be visiting you soon with these festive candles.


We’re excited to announce that Toni will be distributing the candles and bags to our volunteers starting the week of December 12th. This wouldn’t be possible without the amazing efforts of Jean Tyack, our distributors, and all our volunteers, who work tirelessly to keep this beautiful Christmas Eve tradition alive.


This year, we also want to honor those who have been integral to this tradition over the years. A special mention to Sheryl Spencer, who has been a part of this since 1993, and Roger Eitner, whose cheerful holiday greetings we will deeply miss. Their dedication and spirit have been the backbone of our community’s festive joy.


Thank you to each one of you for your contributions, big or small, in making Riviera Bay a wonderful place to live, especially during the holidays. Let’s continue to spread the light and warmth this season.

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Dec 12 - 23 2023


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