Pinellas Predatory Plants

While not TRULY predatory, there are predatory plants here in Pinellas with a taste for meat! Meet some of these specialized plants and explore their life history and survival techniques during a 45-minute webinar with botanical educator James Stevenson. This webinar is recommended for adults and youth over 12.
This webinar will take place via Zoom so registration is required.
Venture into the fascinating world of Pinellas County’s meat-loving flora! Although they aren’t technically predatory, several plants in the region have evolved a knack for capturing and digesting meaty prey. Dive into the captivating life histories and survival strategies of these plants during a 45-minute webinar. Presented by botanical educator, James Stevenson, this session offers a unique look into the realm of these specialized plants. The webinar is most suitable for adults and youth aged 12 and above.
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