On our upcoming RBCA elections, we want to celebrate living, loving, working, and battling alongside one another! We’d love the opportunity to share a moment, tell you about our past accomplishments, our hopes for the future of our neighborhood and ultimately extend an invitation to you to get involved in big or small ways.

You can help by joining us on JAN 24, 2023 and voting in our new leadership. Members will be able to vote in person. 

One vote per household, must be an active RBCA member. Duplicate votes will not be counted. 

Even if you haven’t been to a meeting before we feel it is important to involve as many neighbors as possible in the selection of our board members.

If you have ever spent time volunteering, you know it takes all kinds of hard working and dedicated people to make things happen. Projects don’t complete themselves; art doesn’t magically appear – people are the driving force. The same is true for our neighborhood, only in this case, neighbors must be the driving force!





Courtney is a Tampa Bay native with a Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communications from University of South Florida. She owns a successful local real estate company, Stein Homes at Keller Williams Realty St Pete. Her husband Brad and their two rescue dogs have lived in St Pete since 2010 and Riviera Bay since 2019 — and immediately knew this neighborhood was their forever home. They enjoy kayaking, boating, spending time at the sand bar, reading, beach days, game nights and simply enjoying our beautiful city. 


Courtney has developed grassroot marketing plans for businesses and non profits that included large scale events and community outreach, led fundraising boards for national franchise companies, and currently sits on the board for the Agent Leadership Council. She works tirelessly and is in the Top 1% of Realtors in Tampa Bay and Top 5% Nationwide. She would love the opportunity to bring her experience and that same gumption and enthusiasm to the Riviera Bay Civic Association. 


Hello Riviera Bay! My name is Vanessa Pugliese and I’ve lived on Sun Isle since 2016 with my fiancé Brett and our dog Sydney. I’d love the opportunity to join the Riviera Bay board, as I feel so lucky to live in this neighborhood and would like to help promote our community, activities & events. We are ‘hood-bodies as opposed to home-bodes, and spend most weekends at the Weedon Island Sandbar or paddling around the neighborhood when we’re not working on our home renovations. Maybe you’ve run into me out walking Sydney or participating in the golf cart parades – you might recognize us from the first one where we entered with just a mobility scooter pulling a trailer bringing up the rear and having a blast.  I’m the VP of Finance for a petrochemical engineering group, and I’ve served as both the Secretary and Vice President of a commercial condo board in the past, so I do know the dynamics of working in a board environment both corporate work and in an HOA setting. I really have enjoyed getting to know so many neighbors and making some truly great friends since moving to Riviera Bay, and I feel like joining the board is a great way to give-back and help us grow! I appreciate being considered. 

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