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Drive-Thru Salads in St. Petersburg


Greenlane Drive-Thru Salads in St. Petersburg. Greenlane is pioneering a fresh, healthy dining experience in St. Petersburg with its innovative drive-thru salad concept, setting a new standard for fast food. Positioned at the bustling intersection of 4th Street and 80th Avenue North, this exciting new venture promises to deliver a convenient, nutritious option for the health-conscious and time-strapped residents of the city​​.

Founded by Christopher Burch, a notable entrepreneur with a diverse investment portfolio that includes fashion, water, jewelry, and hospitality ventures, Greenlane aims to fill the gap in the market for fast, fresh, and affordable meals. Burch’s vision for Greenlane is to offer a menu that supports a healthy lifestyle without sacrificing convenience or flavor​​​​.

The St. Petersburg location, a bright green 1,200-square-foot building, will feature a single drive-thru lane and a pickup window, simplifying the process of grabbing a nutritious meal on the go. With a focus on freshness, Greenlane’s menu includes a variety of salad options, such as the Ginger Sesame Crunch and the Golden Greek, alongside the ability to build your own salad. The restaurant also sources ingredients from local farms, including kale and arugula from LeRoots Urban Farm and is exploring partnerships with Brick Street Farms to further support local agriculture​​.

Set to open in late April or early May, Greenlane is not just about offering healthier meal options but also about providing a model of efficiency and affordability. By operating without a dining room and running peak periods with a minimal staff, Greenlane keeps construction and operational costs low, which in turn allows for more affordable pricing for customers​​.

As Greenlane prepares to serve the St. Petersburg community, it represents a broader trend towards healthier, more convenient dining options that don’t compromise on quality or taste. With plans for further expansion in the Tampa Bay area, including a flagship location in Tampa and potential future sites, Greenlane is poised to become a significant player in the fast-casual dining scene​​.

For those eager to swap out the typical fast-food fare for something fresher, Greenlane offers a promising alternative. Its commitment to quality, affordability, and convenience is a refreshing addition to St. Petersburg’s vibrant food landscape, making it a must-try destination for salads and wraps that are as nutritious as they are delicious​​.

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