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City of St. Petersburg Coastal Flooding Update


The City of St. Petersburg’s low-lying areas experienced approximately 2-3 feet of storm surge and coastal flooding on Sunday, Dec. 17. Neighborhoods impacted were Shore Acres, Snell Isle, and Riviera Bay. Work was done Sunday to begin recovery, here’s a short recap.

What’s been done as of Tuesday, December 19:

  • City street sweeping teams were out first thing Monday morning to clean streets. All impacted areas have been swept and cleaned.
  • Damage assessment was done and it was determined that damage was limited to the Repetitive Loss areas in Shore Acres and Riviera Bay. 
  • City teams were deployed to impacted neighborhoods to provide one-on-one assistance and share resources.
  • City teams have been in discussions with impacted neighborhoods to put together debris and clean-up plans.

What to do if you’ve been impacted by coastal flooding:

Option 1: Use your black trash can for regularly scheduled trash pick up.

  • If it can fit, please place all vegetative debris – unbagged – in your black trash bin for regularly scheduled pick up. Please note the holiday schedule for Christmas – Monday collections will be made on Tuesday. Tuesday collections will be made on Wednesday. Thursday and Friday collections remain the same.

Option 2: Use the dumpsters!

  • Dumpsters will be deployed to Denver Park, located at Denver St NE & Ohio Ave NE, on Wednesday, Dec. 20.
  • Impacted residents are encouraged to bring storm debris (that does not need to be assessed by your insurance carrier) to this location at their own convenience.

Option 3: Wait for the full sweep.

  • After the holidays, the City will be doing one full debris sweep of the impacted streets.
  • If you’d like to start prepping now, please begin separating your debris and place it on the curb.

If you’re planning to wait for the full sweep, please see below for what we’ll pick up and where it should be placed.

What We’re Picking Up from Coastal Flooding:

Construction and demolition (C&D) debris
– Fencing Materials – fences knocked over during the storm
– Construction Materials – building materials, carpet, drywall, furniture, lumber, plumbing

White goods (appliances and furniture)

– Appliances – air conditioners, dishwashers, washers and dryers, stoves, refrigerators, water heaters
– Electronics – computers, televisions, and other devices

Hazardous materials
– Batteries, cleaning supplies, paints, pesticides, oils, compressed gas

Debris Placement from Coastal Flooding – If your debris is placed in the right-of-way, that indicates to the City team that it’s ready to be picked up. If it’s not ready for pick-up, please keep debris on your private property.

  • Place debris in front of the house near the roadway curb.
  • DO NOT place debris near trees, poles, fire hydrants, utility boxes, or other structures that make debris removal difficult.
  • DO NOT place debris in alleyways or on sidewalks.
  • DO NOT place debris in the street or block roadways.

Vegetative debris – Vegetative debris from the storm should be placed in resident’s trash bin for regularly scheduled pick up. If it does not fit, please call 893-7398 and schedule a special pick up.

If you miss the debris sweep, the City will be monitoring the impacted areas for additional needs, while encouraging residents to call in for special pick-ups.

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