Every year we light up the streets of Riviera Bay with luminaries. Typically, volunteers go door to door selling these to families and residents. This year we’ll also be selling our candles through our website.

They will be delivered to your home or available for purchase and/or pickup at both Riviera Bay Parks during food truck nights on Dec. 2nd and 9th.

Our neighborhood has so many volunteers that donate time and have done so for several years. We appreciate all of our volunteers and want to take a moment to not only thank our current ones, but to reflect on our fellow neighbors who were also longtime candle distributers. Sheryl Spencer started delivering candles for our community in 1993. When her son was young, he helped her for many years. She and her husband, Dan, have been living in our neighborhood for many, many years, and have always been wonderful neighbors, and great friends. We cannot thank Sheryl enough for her 27 years of loyal dedication. Roger Eitner lived in our neighborhood over 20 years and started helping with candle delivery in 2013. You could catch him sitting in his front yard as neighbor after neighbor stopped by to get their candles. Since his passing this year, we will miss his cheery holiday greetings, along with that big smile.