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Brothers Thomas Bespoke Café Set to Open in December!


Exciting News for Northern St. Petersburg: The Brothers Thomas Bespoke Café Set to Open in December!

Get ready, folks! If you’re a resident or a professional in the charming Carillon neighborhood of northern St. Petersburg, you’re in for a delightful treat this December. The much-anticipated opening of The Brothers Thomas Bespoke Café is just around the corner, and it’s bound to become your new favorite local spot. Nestled on the ground floor of the WaterView Echelon City Center apartment building at 176 Carillon Parkway, this café is sure to capture the hearts and taste buds of the community.

Now, let’s introduce the dynamic duo behind this venture—none other than Luke and Matt Thomas, hailing from the picturesque town of Zephyrhills. Luke, at 33, brings his expertise as a Principal at Third Lake Partners, a Tampa-based investment advisory firm. Meanwhile, his 35-year-old brother, Matt, recently returned to the United States after several years abroad and is all set to take the reins as the café’s primary operator.

The Brothers Thomas Bespoke Café promises to offer a unique twist on your everyday coffee experience. Sure, you can expect traditional-style coffee beverages like espresso, lattes, and flat whites, but they’ll be served in portions more reminiscent of coffee culture in other parts of the world. Matt, in an interview with St. Pete Rising, shared their vision: “There will be some sweet drinks, for sure, because a lot of people are going to come in and want them, but they are going to be in addition to the mainstays. The focus is on a quality coffee drinking experience, quality over quantity.”

While the café won’t boast a full kitchen, it will feature a thoughtfully curated menu of pre-prepared snacks and grab-and-go items such as sandwiches and wraps. The hope is that customers will linger, savoring the moment and the coffee. Matt explains their approach, “There’s such a focus here in the States on things to be fast and immediate, whereas in places like Japan, Australia, and New Zealand, it’s slower. There’s more care put into the production and service and attention to small details.”


But what if coffee isn’t your thing? Fear not, as The Brothers Thomas Bespoke Café has you covered with an array of java alternatives. You can explore cold-pressed juice, tea sourced from Tampa-based supplier TeBella, and a unique beverage made from mushrooms known as MUD\WTR. Matt describes it as “a healthy alternative to coffee that also gives you a little bit of mental focus.”

For Matt, the café venture has always been a dream. He reminisces about his college days at the University of Florida, where he’d spend his weekends in coffee shops while classmates hit the bars and nightclubs. “I’ve always wanted to open a café but always imagined it would be a later-in-life thing,” he confessed. Life had other plans, leading him to Georgia, North Carolina, and eventually overseas to China, where he found himself in Wuhan during the COVID-19 pandemic’s outbreak. His story of navigating the early days of the pandemic is quite a tale, with his apartment building being among the first to be locked down. However, in December 2022, China briefly lifted its travel ban, allowing him to return to the United States.

Back in Tampa, staying at his brother Luke’s apartment, Matt pondered his next move. It was during this time that Luke proposed the idea of opening a café in the Tampa Bay area. And just like that, The Brothers Thomas Bespoke Café was born.

As for the café’s ambiance, Matt envisions a “French countryside” aesthetic, featuring antique clocks lovingly restored by their grandfather and a custom table crafted by a skilled St. Pete woodworker. “I am more inclined to having things that are original, that have history and a bit of authenticity,” Matt explained. “Things that are real and have weight to them.”

Mark your calendars, coffee lovers and café enthusiasts, as The Brothers Thomas Bespoke Café is gearing up for its grand opening in December. Located at 176 Carillon Parkway on the ground floor of the WaterView Echelon City Center apartment building in northern St. Pete, it promises to be a haven for quality coffee, warm ambiance, and memorable moments. Don’t miss the chance to savor the charm of this new local gem!

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