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4th Street Construction Project Nears Completion


4th Street construction. The long-awaited 4th Street construction (US 92) median modifications project in St. Petersburg is entering its final stretch, with completion expected in the summer of 2024. 1 The $7.1 million construction effort, which began in April 2023, aims to enhance safety and traffic flow along the 4-mile corridor between 30th Avenue N. and 94th Avenue N.

The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) has been working diligently to extend left turn lane storage at nine signalized intersections and 15 left turn lanes at existing median openings. 1 Some median openings have been modified, lengthening the left turn lane storage, while others have been closed to reduce conflict points and improve traffic flow. 12

A significant aspect of the 4th street construction project is the addition of nine mid-block pedestrian crossings, complete with pedestrian signals, allowing safer crossing opportunities along the busy thoroughfare. 1FDOT has also announced that U-turn locations will be available throughout the corridor to provide access to businesses. 1


While the 4th street construction has caused some inconvenience for drivers and residents, the improvements are expected to yield long-term benefits in terms of safety and mobility. According to FDOT, between 2014 and 2018, there were 1,501 crashes with nine fatalities on the 4th Street corridor, highlighting the need for these enhancements. 2

As the project nears completion, FDOT has assured that the current conditions of the medians will be improved with paving, smoothing out the gaps between the lanes and barriers. 2 This will further enhance the driving experience and improve traffic flow along the corridor.With just over a year remaining until the anticipated completion in summer 2024, residents and commuters can look forward to a safer and more efficient 4th Street, thanks to FDOT’s efforts in addressing long-standing concerns about pedestrian safety and accessibility. 7

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